Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a Foster?

The first step is to fill out our Foster Application. You may either complete and online version or download the fillable application. Once we have received your application, you will be contacted for a phone screening. *Fostering is NOT a pre-adoption trial period. If your goal is to adopt, please complete an adoption application. All fosters will have to go through the same adoption process.

Once you are approved to foster with our rescue you must review, agree to the terms of our foster agreement. Our team will match you with a dog that is a good fit based on your home, lifestyle, activity level, and experience. As a foster parent, flexibility is key. If you are interested in a specific dog, we cannot guarantee that you will be the right match. The decision to place a dog with you is entirely based on each dogs needs so they can thrive in their foster environment.

You wont make any money fostering dogs but you will be hugely rewarded in playtime, snuggles, and watching them bloom, and knowing you are helping save a life! It is not without it’s challenges and we are still learning more about the dog as we get to know them each day. And remember, we will be here as your support network.

You can find our Foster Application here.

Where are you located?

We are located in SF Bay area. We are a foster-based rescue which means we do not currently have a facility and our dogs are placed in foster homes all over the bay. Being in a home setting allows the dogs to decompress and for us to get to know them better as their personality starts to come out. This helps us find the best match for the applicants as well as the for dogs per their needs.

What does AGBF provide for foster parents?

When fostering for AGBF, we provide basic supplies such as food, crate, toys, monthly preventatives, and necessary vet care. If you have your own crate and/or extra supplies from a current or previous dog, let us know and we can prepare what else is needed. After your application is approved, you will be assigned a point of contact/case manager on the foster team should you need additional support or guidance. All the supplies provided from AGBF belongs to AGBF and you are responsible for pick up and drop off of supplies. Once a foster dog is adopted, the supplies go back to AGBF to provide to a new/incoming rescue.

Are vet visits covered?

Yes, vet visits and necessary medical care is covered by AGBF Rescue. Our medical team will approve any medical care the dog needs to receive, and we will schedule the vet appointments with partner vets. Please do not take your foster dog to the vet without speaking to your foster coordinator first.

How long will I foster a dog for?

To provide for as much stability as possible, we ask that you keep the foster dog until they are adopted. This can range from days to weeks to sometimes months, depending on how quickly the dog is adopted. If you can only foster short term, we ask that you can commit to at least 2 weeks. If you have vacation plans or other unexpected events come up, please give us advanced notice so that we can make arrangements for the foster dog.

What are some AGBF foster requirements?

  • Everyone living in the residence is in agreement to have a dog in the home.
  • Foster must be able available for meet and greets with approved adopters.
  • Fosters should be able to transport/meet at designated drop off or pick up locations for vet appointments and for supplies.
  • All pets in the home must be altered. If there is a medical reason, we will need your vet to provide the necessary paperwork.

What is a foster responsible for?

  • The main functions of a foster home is to provide basic needs such as a safe, loving, and comfortable home for the dog. Offering lots of love, socialization, a regular feeding schedule, water, basic obedience training, and regular exercise.
  • In addition to basic care, the foster should be prepared to provide basic obedience training (such as crate and potty training) to prepare them for their forever homes.
  • Fosters are responsible for the safety of their dog and should always be secured and leashed when outside and never be unattended in the yard. Foster dogs should not be off leash in public places or tethered outside without supervision.

I already have other pets at home. Can I still foster?

If there are resident pets in your home already, you can foster with us as long as your pets are altered, up to date with vaccinations and able to cohabitate with other animals. Please list all resident pets in the home and frequent visitors in your application as well. Additionally, you will need to familiarize yourself with our decompression guidelines and follow slow introductions and be able to crate and separate in the beginning. Foster dogs should not be left unsupervised with resident animals in the home under any circumstances. Dogs should be fed separately preferably in their crates. This also applies to any valuable resources such as chews and toys as well.

Some AGBF dogs that need foster homes:

  • The shelter is overcrowded and some perfectly sweet and adoptable dogs are overlooked, scared, and scheduled for euthanasia.
  • A young energetic dog needs to learn some basic manners and time out of the kennels to decompress and make them more “adoptable”.
  • A dog recovering from illness or injury before they are available for adoption.
  • A shy/timid dog that needs a safe place to decompress and come out of his/her shell.
  • Whelping moms and pups who need special attention and care.
  • Owner surrenders for various reasons.
  • And more…

How can I help my foster dog get adopted?

There are many ways in which you can participate in promoting your foster dog and increase their visibility to help them get adopted.

Send us high quality, well-lit photos and video updates (we will use these to promote our dogs on social media and share them with potential adopters. You are also encouraged to post on your personal social media accounts and tag us (IG @agirlsbestfriendrescue

Provide us with a short bio and updates about your foster dog that will be used on their public profile –Show them off!


What are your adoption fees?

Our adoption fee is on a sliding scale of $250 to $500 and subject to change based on age, medical needs, and breed. (All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, given age appropriate vaccination, microchipped, and dewormed. There are transport fees involved with bringing dogs from kill shelters. Some dogs come to us in bad shape and have medical issues that need to be treated as well as some dogs that have to go through behavioral training, etc. All adoption fee donations are tax deductible. Fee goes towards the care and rehabilitating the dogs in our care. The adoption fee is a donation that is non-refundable.

Do you adopt out of state?

Firstly, shelters and rescues are overcrowded and there are dogs in need almost everywhere. Adopting and fostering locally will help them tremendously.

Secondly, transitions are hard if transportation is long and far with a dog that just met you is scary and stressful, especially if they need to ride in a plane as cargo.

Why are there so many requirements and “rules” about adopting? Don’t these dogs need a home? Why can’t I just take them home – I know I can make it work?

We invest a great deal of emotional and financial resources into each dog we take into rescue. Our top priority is finding him/her a home where he/she will thrive and become a happy member of a household. Placing him/her in a home that does not match his/her needs will not make the dog or owner happy in the long run. We respectfully ask that all potential adopter honor these decisions. We would be happy to work with potential adopters on finding the right match for your home. If your app is not as strong as someone else’s because they are more experienced, foster! Fostering will really help prepare you for a dog and you get to foster different breeds, sizes, and age groups.

What do I need to do to meet this dog?

The first step is to complete the application. Next you must submit all the required materials. (Home check videos, home verification, valid photo ID, etc) If you have not send them all in together, please do so as it will only expedite your application. Once the application is reviewed, and if it is a good match, we will contact you for a phone interview and if all goes well, about setting up a meet and greet. Everyone in the household must be present to meet the dog.

How do we learn more about this dog?

For the most part, if the dog came was found as a stray or from a shelter environment, we know nothing more than where he/she was found and what we know of them since they arrived to rescue. If the dog was an owner surrender, we don’t always get a complete or truthful story from the owner. So while we don’t always have their “stories” we figure out as much as we can while they are in our care. As we learn more about the dog, we will update the description in their bio. Please take a look at our Instagram @agirlsbestfriendrescue or go back to our Home page to view our available dogs. Our foster homes work very hard to learn as much as they can about the dog they are caring for.

What breed is the dog? How big will they get?

We can only speculate on the breed of a dog based on general characteristics and traits. Generally we do not know both mother and father of the dog so we would be unable to determine how large a puppy will grow. While we usually know the mother, we rarely, if ever, know the father. If size is an issue, we recommend that you adopt a full-grown dog, rather than a puppy or young dog.